NEWS INTERN,  May, 2012 – August, 2012

AUGUST 30, 2012

Medfield senior Dylan Dugas films the 2011-12 boys hockey team

At 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 14, students of Medfield High School and their families converged at Patriot Place for the premiere of the first ever feature-length documentary about the Warriors’ boys hockey team.

The 2-hour, 45-minute movie, “A Season to Remember,” was made by only one person: Dylan Dugas, a 2012 graduate of Medfield High. Read more

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AUGUST 10, 2012

Shaloh House: a mock wedding at camp

In her white bridal gown, Sara Yanovsk stood out among dozens of girls at the Shaloh House in Brighton. Everyone looked excited. Many of the campers tried to take a photo with the “bride” Sara and the “groom” Mariana Gubert before their grand wedding celebration started.

Sara, 8, and Mariana, 10, played the bride and groom during the annual mock Jewish wedding held by the Shaloh House as one of the ongoing activities for summer campers. Read more

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JULY 19, 2012

 State lease is least, not last, hurdle for Bay Colony Rail Trail

The head of the Medfield Bay Colony Rail Trail Committee called the state’s authorization of a long-term lease of unused railroad tracks to towns interested in converting them into a recreational path “more of a formality,” and said it doesn’t mean the project is picking up steam.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Board of Directors authorized 99-year leases with Medfield, Dover, Needham and Newton for portions of the abandoned railroad right-of-way, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said. Read more

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JUNE 29, 2012

 Medfield’s Me Two You aims to give 500 blankets to Chinese orphans

That is the pledge made by Me Two You, a mom-operated socially responsible company that trades baby blankets online, when it kicked off its first official campaign, “500 blankets to China Challenge,” on June 25.

Veronica Zanellato Kido, co-owner of Medfield-based Me Two You, said for each Me Two You blanket purchased during the campaign, her company would offer a baby blanket made of solid fleece fabric with the same quality to an orphaned child in China. Read more

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JUNE 20, 2012

Medfield Army reservist Belskis walks, runs, crosses home for vets

Her first time participating in the Run to Home Base in 2010, she ran the 5.6 miles in 63 minutes and raised $1,020.

The second time, she hit the finish line at the 61st minute and raised $1,223. Read more

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JUNE 8, 2012

The Write Stuff: Medfield 2nd grader is state handwriting champ

Today, handwriting is often seen as an old-fashioned practice — even a waste of time — especially since typing on a computer or mobile device is so much more common.

That is not true of Max Gobin, the Ralph Wheelock School second grader, who prefers writing by hand because, “I dislike looking for letters on a computer (keyboard).” Read more

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