About Me

I’m a writer, editor and translator from Vietnam. I have been living in Boston where I am getting a Master’s degree in print and multimedia journalism from Emerson College. Following my 2012 summer internship at the GateHouse Media New England’s Metro Unit, I am interning at The Christian Science Monitor where I work in the online editorial team and write science and technology stories.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from Can Tho University. Before starting my Master’s program under the Fulbright program, I worked for Can Tho Newspaper in the Mekong Delta,  where I coordinated, edited and wrote stories in world affairs, education, science and technology.

In addition to writing, I am interesting in  connecting with people, learning about the world, photographing the nature and blogging my life’s experience. I’m a book, nature and pet lover. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading and caring for my seven Japanese poodles and one German shepherd.

Contact me at fulbrighterchaumai@gmail.com.

For more information, visit The Monitor, LinkedIn, and Website.

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