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MAY 10

Google Earth Engine unveils how Earth has altered

The Monitor_May 10_2013


Google has launched Google Earth Engine, a global, zoomable timelapse map that allows you to witness how humans have altered the surface of the Earth since 1984. Read more


How closely related are we to each other?

The Monitor_May 8_2013

If you are of European ancestry, a European stranger could be a not-too-distant relative, a new genetic study suggests. Indeed, all humans share a set of common ancestors who may not be as ancient as you might think. Read more


NASA satellite snaps spectacular images of volcanic eruption

The Monitor_May 7_2013

A NASA satellite has demonstrated that the best place to view an erupting volcano is from 438 miles straight up. Read more


Sun erupts with superheated plasma

The Monitor_May 2_2013

Superheated plasma bursted from the sun’s edge on May 1 in a gigantic rolling wave, said NASA, which published a dazzling video captured by its sun-watching spacecraft. Read more


Scientists unravel mystery of cannibal shark embryos

The Monitor_May 1_2013

Sand tiger sharks have been known for devouring each other in the womb. Scientists now believe that they can explain why. Read more


Was Africa the motherland of dinosaur predecessors?

The Monitor_April 30_2013

The ancestors of dinosaurs might have established themselves in present-day Tanzania and Zambia, suggest newly discovered fossils. Read more


Earth permanently deformed by big quakes? Measurements in Chile challenge established theory.

The Monitor_April 29_2013

Large earthquakes can deform the earth’s crust permanently, a study of major quakes in northern Chile over the past million years suggests. Read more


Monkeys imitate local food norms, study finds

The Monitor_April 26_2013

The maxim, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ also applies to non-human primates, as scientists discover that wild monkeys have an ability to imitate the social eating behavior of other groups of monkeys.  Read more


First glimpse of deadly sinkhole in Florida

Florida Sinkhole

More than one month after a sinkhole opened up and swallowed a sleeping man in Florida, local authorities show what the deadly pit looks like inside. Read more

Related Story: Washington sinkhole: What’s with all the sinkholes anyway?


‘Gate to Hell’ unearthed among Turkey’s ancient ruins

Italian archaeologists have discovered what they believed to be the remains of an ancient cave that was the entrance to the underworld in Greek and Roman legends. Read more

Gate to Hell


Lion kills heron: A stork reminder of big cats’ wild nature

A video of four lions preying upon a heron at a Dutch zoo, shot last year and reposted on YouTube Wednesday, reminds us that you can take the lion out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the lion. Read more

The 5th Story_CSM

MARCH 13, 2013

‘Killer dolphins’ escape? Not so fast.

‘Killer dolphins’ escape: A story of highly-trained killer dolphins escaping from a Ukrainian military facility has turned out to be a hoax. But there is such a thing as a military dolphin. Read more

Dolphin Escape

MARCH 12, 2013

Washington sinkhole: What’s with all the sinkholes anyway?

The appearance of a small sinkhole Tuesday has closed down an entire block in Washington D.C. Why are there so many sinkholes? Read more

Washington Sinkhole

MARCH 7, 2013

100,000 ‘killer’ bees attack Florida park rangers

100,000 ‘killer’ bees attack: A pair of park rangers in Tampa, Fla., were hospitalized after disturbing a hive of what are likely Africanized ‘killer’ bees, a hybrid species introduced in the Americas in the 1950s. Read more


FEBRUARY 27, 2013

New Jersey ‘sea monster’ is likely a lamprey

Photos of an eel-like creature captured in New Jersey have gone viral, prompting speculations of a ‘sea monster.’ The animal appears to be a sea lamprey, a type of parasite common in northern Atlantic waters, experts say. Read more


FEBRUARY 8, 2013

Thang Dinh Tran loves maps and Vietnam. That may put him in the eye of a storm.

His passion for all things Vietnamese has combined with his passion for old maps, placing him at the center of a territorial dispute between Vietnam and China. Read more



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